I’M Sandeepa

I was a teacher by profession and I loved it because it was a part of my system for my father being an educationist. Little did I know the magical effects of it unless I attended a seminar on SEO tactics and its beneficiary factors. That proved a turning point in my life when I switched over my profession of a teacher to a full-time SEOhero.

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My Approach

At SEOHero we work in collaboration with the trusted partners and stakeholders of your company. The entire focus is on executing and delivering the best of digital marketing.

We make sure that you are well connected with the multi-channel initiatives. So, irrespective of your location, you can rely on us and it is our work to collaborate with the conversion/SEO/social/paid. It is our work to make your website Google compliant and ensure that the designs are structured in the right manner.

We also align with the social media or PR on your behalf so that you are able to reap maximum benefits out of the entire campaign. SEOHero believes in encouraging partnership on a regular basis with the trusted partners. This will ensure that the strategies are well aligned and partners are working in the right direction to get the desired results.

seoheroAre you interested in increasing leads, traffic, and customers?

SEOHero is a reputed digital agency offering different kinds of services. It is our work to ensure that our clients are able to grow faster with the help of measurable and effective marketing strategies.

You rest assured of one thing that all our strategies are designed in such a manner that you will be able to attain measurable results within the specified time period.

Outstanding Track Record

SEOHero has consulted well established online brands of different industries. These include large enterprises as well as well-funded startups. So we have an experience of working with a wide array of services and products.

Our services comprise of:

  • Social media strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Remarketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Corporate branding
  • Content marketing
  • Strategic web design

We are not just focusing on traffic and rankings; we are basically interested in improving the results and revenue for our esteemed clients.

Are sick and tired of small incremental profits? Do you wish to be associated with a brand that stands out from the rest? Are you interested in making it big with the help of marketing techniques?

If the answer is yes, then we definitely need to talk.

Watch & Learn

SEO HERO is passionate about bringing great results. We strive for quality working. We make you rank in search engines. SEO is all about  getting traffic, having maximum eyes rollled onto your website and make you rank higher.

SEOHero is a reputed digital agency offering different kinds of services. It is our work to ensure that our clients are able to grow faster with the help of measurable and effective marketing strategies.

see hero has been working with complete dedication and has brought laurels to its name. once  a part of SEO hero, you are sure to get great results. once accredited it brings fruitful results.  we bring white hat results and are transparent in our working. we keep our clients abreast of the latest google updates and work diligently on those. helping our clients reach on top pages of search engines is our motto.